Truth & Lies at the Photographer's Gallery

by Miranda

The Photographers' Gallery in London, as part of #ConspiracyWeek, is featuring UFO material: slides, handwritten index cards and photographs featuring sightings of UFOs. Apparently Earth governments are suppressing evidence that they are in touch with extra terrestrials. There were an photographs with very samey looking flying saucers and index cards which said things like: 'looked up and saw this object moving slowly overhead.  Having a camera in hand Joe got one shot before it speeded up and flew away.'

In the same week I went to a brilliant Darwin lecture by Professor David Runciman on our greatest conspiracy theorist Donald Trump. In a talk, titled Dealing with Extremism, Runciman, standing in for Theresa May, examined the relationship between harmless conspiracy theories, extremism and whether in this post-truth environment political extremists and conspiracy theorists are the same. The full lecture will soon be available here and more information on his research into conspiracy and its impact on democracy is found here.

Gratefully someone at the Photographers' Gallery contested Runciman's findings.  In fact Donald is just an alien.