by Jacqueline Mordue

Jackie will be travel writing and blogging from her overland trip between London and Australia.

Em Eileen Rose ambled down the main street, her parents flanking her on either side. It was a rare opportunity to spend a little time with them. On this occasion both her parents seemed more relaxed, even managing a smile every so often. Lunch at The George Hotel in Bromsgrove had been full of catching up on news as well as sampling some of the dishes from the hotel's menu. Em was looking forward to spending a little of her newly earned wages on a new dress. Her father wanted to call in at the ironmongers to purchase some inch long screws for the farm plough. After accidently dropping the china teapot on the flagged floor of the kitchen, Em’s mother sought a reasonably priced teapot from Harvey's General store. The day was sunny if a little cold and the family had until teatime to enjoy together before Em had to return to Stratford.