By Lexi Griffiths

Lexi writes stories about real events with a fictional twist.

Anna pulled her crisp, freshly starched dress over her head and placed the flowery head piece onto her thin, blonde hair. She smoothed down her new dress, well, third, fourth or maybe fifth hand dress. It arrived last week in a parcel from Scotland; a few cousins had bore its worth before her.

“Why do you get the nice silky dress?” Anna asked sulkily, her eyes throwing daggers at her younger sister.

Her Step-Mother interjected and stated: “Be happy that you’ve got a new dress”

She watched as her little sister twirled and the sun glimmered of each silk trimmed flower.

Anna took her sister’s hand and stepped into a beam of sunlight, the sun shone off the imitation silk. Her dad said if you wore a shell suit and stood in the sun, it would catch fire.

 “Five minutes until confession begins,” announced Father Thomas.

Anna was excited; she’d always wanted to go to a real confession. After years of watching people go into the big brown box and reveal their deepest secrets, she couldn’t wait to reveal hers. Shortly after starting secondary school she started going into town, and left with one or two unpaid for goods. Most things didn’t have security tags then, so it was almost too easy. She realised if you wanted new things, this was one way to get what you wanted. However she was feeling a bit guilty so she was going to confess. Father Thomas walked over and led them all to an open room.

Anna stared like a deer in headlights “where’s the box?” she exclaimed.

Father Thomas chuckled “This is a modern church; we don’t have those any more. So what do you have to confess today?”

She thought for a moment, looked up at the sky and sighed. “I was mean to my sister earlier”.