A Little Lie

by Rachael Cornwell

Rachael is a crime fiction writer and is currently writing a novel based on a mysterious disappearance of a well known public figure with shocking revelations.

      Me and my little brother wedge ourselves in between our grandparents on the sofa in their living room and get ready to watch EastEnders. The sofa is a two piece but instead of spreading out amongst the two sofas, we all squash onto one. Me and my brother love when our grandparents look after us because we get ice cream and get to stay up far later than when at home. Our parents are out for a ‘posh meal’ as Mum calls it with Dads’ work friends.
      ‘Anyone for ice cream?’ Granddad heads to the freezer and emerges with three tubs full.
      ‘I think we can squeeze some in can’t we kids?’
       We both agree with Grandma so he continues to dish out a bit of each flavour and hands us our bowls.  Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
      Granddad pours himself and Grandma a glass of wine each and we all wedge back onto the sofa. The adverts seem to last forever. An advert for Disney World which makes me desperate to go back. One for Centre Parcs with grinning families swimming or bike riding. Then an advert for poor, helpless children in Africa, desperate for clean water, food and clothes. I get a funny feeling in my chest and the ice cream is not so appealing. We all sit staring sadly at the television. My grandparents stop sipping their wine and our spoons lie limp in our bowls.
     ‘How sad’, Liam’s’ bottom lip quivers slightly. ‘Do these children really live like this Granddad?’
     He shoots a worried look at Grandma and she cuts in:
     ‘No darling, not always this bad. I’m sure they have a home with loving parents just like you two’.
     Granddad nods approvingly and we go back to our ice cream in time for EastEnders.