Chilcot Delay

Sir John is unable to set a date for publication.  Round up of headlines available from the BBC here.  An extract from the Guardian's blog, which reported on the Iraq Inquiry debate in the House of Commons, 29th January 2015 discusses deceit.  

'The Press Association has more details of the row that erupted between Jack Straw, and Paul Flynn and George Galloway. (See 2.05pm.) Flynn said Straw should have responded earlier in the debate that he took Britain to war on a lie.  Straw said:

I’ve dealt briefly with [John] Baron’s intervention because this debate is about the Iraq inquiry and its timing, not about the substance, and I would be slapped down very quickly [by the Speaker]. But just for the avoidance of doubt I want to point out to Mr Flynn, the whole of the Security Council judged in November 2002 that there was a threat to international peace and security ...

At that point Galloway started shouting at him:

Because they believed you and Colin Powell .... Because they were fooled ... You are lying.

Lindsay Hoyle intervened and silenced Galloway.  Then Flynn resumed his speech.

The intervention [from Mr Straw] was contemptible and I share the view of Mr Galloway about it. We remember the ignominy of Mr Straw walking behind [US former secretary of state] Colin Powell after Colin Powell presented a tissue of lies about the threat. It wasn’t true and Mr Straw was supporting him in those lies. They were lies, they were untrue, and they sent all those young men and others to their deaths.