Jeremy! Help!

By Steven Anderson

Steven lives in a village north of Cambridge and spent most of his working life in a mental health team based in East London. He is now summoning the motivation to completely revise a teenage/young adult novel hastily written six years ago and continue with a paused crime novel. He writes a blog designed to make himself look opinionated and ridiculous.

A lie, like love, is not a simple thing. Like love, it can be obvious or camouflaged, well intentioned or destructive and many things beside. So, as a starter, I tend to split them up into lies and “lies.” Without the inverted commas, lies tend to be more straight forward, simpler, more black and white. But “lies” straddle both truth and falseness and when you are subject to them, they can mess with your mind. That’s why the Tories, and in particular David Cameron, are so horribly beguiling. Listen to them but never take them at face value. Treat their utterances as you would if you met an actual Gorgon in Sainsburys – dangerously interesting but not to be engaged with eye contact.

When David says the NHS is safe with us, he does so in a convincing and winning manner which is easily believable and ostensibly heartfelt. He has been a credible advocate of the NHS and in the past has invoked his family’s positive experience through ill health.

Does anyone believe this? Are they not overwhelmed by a total absence of credulity? Are they not up in arms about the application of capitalist market values to the NHS, the loading of debts to hospital trusts and their impending bankruptcies and failure, the worsening state of mental health provision?

It’s all a Tory charade, of course, and their top people are well versed in presenting their worm tongue values in a reassuring, no nonsense form which large swathes of the electorate find credible rather than ironical.

Help, Jeremy! Help save us! Can you?