by Charlie Dear

Charlie, 22, is a recent graduate who writes crime.

I stood firm

Trigger finger ready

Eyes staring down the barrel

This is what three years of intense training had come down to…

I waited patiently. I didn’t flinch. The time had arrived. I scanned the immediate battleground through the scope.  I heard a rustle of discontent and quickly threw my body weight to my left.  Centering on my target, I slid among the reeds as my garish trousers tried to expose my clandestine plans

Zooming in, I now had eyes on the victim.

I lay flat on my stomach. Ready to make the telling blow.

I swept the immediate foreground and saw a rogue figure circling.

But what was with him? This unsettled me slightly.

I stood my ground, unsure whether to engage

He was approaching rapidly now…

I felt my earlier conviction vanish.

It WAS my Birthday cake!

‘Operation abort!’ I screamed.

Panic over, my weapon fell from my nascent hand as I hurtled over towards the plate of chocolatey happiness.