The Chilcot Inquiry in half an hour

Peter Oborne's brilliant precis of the monumentally delayed Chilcot Inquiry on Radio 4's The Report, provides findings in half an hour.  He asks the questions:

1.  Was the information presented by the Blair government on weapons of mass destruction and other matters an accurate reflection of the underlying facts?
ANSWER: NO, he misrepresented and he misled. 

2.  Did our military action in Iraq increase the threat to Britain from al-Qaeda?
ANSWER: YES, the MI5 budget had to be doubled.

3.  Did Tony Blair enter into a secret agreement with George W Bush that the UK would support US military action come what may?
ANSWER: Peter Oborne cannot find unequivocal proof, but a leaked memo, on the 17th October seems to prove that the answer to this is YES. 

4.  Was the war legal?
ANSWER: NO, a legal war is one explicitly authorised by the UN Security Council, and Blair was not able to secure a resolution or a mandate.