global legacy award protest, day 18

24 flowers.

38 degrees now have nearly 123,000 signatures and want to have one last push before they present the petition to Save the Children UK on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

As 38 Degrees campaigner Miranda Pinch points out: 'Although Save the Chidren UK claim no responsibility for the award, that is sadly not entirely true. Justin Fosyth, the Chief Executive of Save the Children UK was a former adviser to Tony Blair and was asked by the American branch to pass the award onto his former boss. He therefore had the opportunity to advise the USA that it was inappropriate and chose not to do so.  Even had the US branch acted autonomously, it was a very unwise action for an international charity.

The saddest part of giving such an inappropriate recipient an award is that had Save the Children given it to someone like William Pooley,, for instance, it could have done itself a great deal of good and would have generated positive publicity.'

Please sign.