Global Legacy Award

Save the Children are taking some time to respond to Miranda Pinch's request for an apology.  Many signatories are disappointed we were unable to rescind the Award.  Apologies. However, as STC claim it was awarded by a completely different arm of the charity, overturning that decision was always going to be a big ask.

But the Chilcot Inquiry have got back to me regarding publication of their report: 

"Dear Ms Landgraf

Thank your for your e-mail of 12 January 2015 to Sir John Chilcot regarding the publication of the Iraq Inquiry report; I have been asked to reply.

You may have seen from the news media that Sir John, the Chairman of the Inquiry, wrote to the Prime Minister on Tuesday 20 January. In his letter he reported “substantial progress”. He outlines the reasons why he sees no realistic prospect that the report will be finalised and published before the May 2015 General Election. The Prime Minister wrote back to Sir John on the same day; in his letter he confirmed the importance of the Inquiry being comprehensive and independent.

Both letters are available on the Inquiry’s website –

Yours sincerely Graham Roberts

And then yesterday in the Guardian comes another reason to crochet.  Tony Blair's involvement with Gaddafi and rendition and lies.