Global Legacy Award Protest, Day 16

Tony Bliar, as Middle East Envoy, has been employed by the Quartet (United Nations, European Commission, USA and Russia) to concentrate his efforts on the Palestinian conflict.  Without irony the latest announcement on the Quartet representative's website announces the importance of affordable housing in the West Bank, without any reference to the 20,000 homes destroyed in July and August of last year. 

Even before Israel began firing into Gaza, Palestinian leaders were saying he was useless.

So what was Bliar doing for those 50 days?  According to the Daily Mail he and his wife celebrated her 60th birthday (at an estimated cost of £50,000).  He cites security reasons for not visiting the region himself.  And who can blame him?  Before a ceasefire was finally brokered, 490 children died, 3,000 were wounded, and 500,000 people displaced


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