Truth Telling

According to Dorothy Rowe, from a book, that was leant to me, 'Introverts always make a lot of fuss about truth and truth telling. Knowing what is true is essential for organizing the universe and keeping chaos at bay.'  

Meanwhile 'Extroverts usually have a more permissive attitude about truth and truth telling because they discovered early in their childhood that truth telling can make you unpopular.  Some extravert children become wise to knowing in which situations the truth can be safely told and in which situations it is best to lie.'  

She concludes: '... the one person you must never lie to is yourself.  Do that and you are in trouble.'  Though  'unfortunately, lying to oneself is the most common form ...'

But whether you're an introvert or an extrovert there's a new app, rolling out to Android, called Secret, where you can fudge any truth telling, by doing it anonymously.