By Desmond Stewart

Pertaining to the life of the late, great Indian mystic, sadhu, priest, guru, and by his disciples and followers so called, deemed and esteemed , avatar Ramakrishna. Gupta woke up one morning and as was his custom after his ablutions stepped out of his humble hovel and padded across the paddy fields to pay homage to and receive the darshan of his beloved master, Ramakrishna. When Gupta arrived at the entrance to Ramakrishna's simple dwelling at the back of the Kali temple he was somewhat surprised, confounded and discombobulated to find the simple mud hut empty. Ramakrishna rarely left his abode other than to attend to his priestly duties. Gupta cast a glance around the confines of the temple proper but soon left despondent and none the wiser to trudge home in the rising heat and dust of the Indian plains. Upon reaching his home, to Gupta's astonishment, Ramakrishna stepped out into the morning sunshine. As ever, if not more so than usual, his visage was radiant and ecstatic. Gupta approached him in reverence, probably preforming a pranam as was his and the general custom but then at once began relating that he had just been to the temple to pay homage, only to find to his dismay that his Lord was nowhere to be found.

"Ramakrishna dear Lord! How can this be? How comes it that you are to be found here? In my simple hovel?"

Ramakrishna replied: "I too have been paying my respects this very morning and receiving the boon of the presence and darshan of the living Lord."

"But that cannot be so my Lord. There is no one home! Only my lowly wife tending to the dung fire!"

"Ahhh! Yes my dear Gupta." replied Ramakrishna. His eyes and countenance blazing at once with reverence and grace.


Very loosely based on and plagiarised from a chapter of a book titled something akin to: Tales of Enlightenment from the East.  Memory fails me. (Maybe google won't fail you.)

Of Ramakrishna it could be said that he was by almost all conventional assessments of our times, delusional and his disciples and followers for that matter too. He was known for his profound devotion to the divine feminine, trance like states and miraculous happenings and was married in his midlife to a young woman still but a child. As the story goes the marriage was never consummated. Ramakrishna according to his disciples practised celibacy as did they. He is said to have acknowledged the tantric way (where relations were consummated) as a true but tricky path having been initiated and taught by a wild and notorious tantrika. His wife went on to be equally revered by his followers after his death and eventually upheld his legacy and led the organisation that was founded based upon his life and teachings.