Guns are for our Protection

The Small Arms Survey, an international group, based in Geneva tracking gun violence, says that 66,000 women worldwide are killed violently each year, generally in the home, and usually by a partner. 

Emily Rothman, Associate Professor at the Boston University School of Public Health, in her research into intimate partner violence has studied 8,500 men, as part of the Massachusetts Batterer Intervention Program.  Her co-authored study included men aged between 17 and 72. Thankfully only 1.8% owned a gun.  However, that still amounted to 83 individuals, who she identifies in her paper as a 'dangerous subgroup'.  She found that guns are used more frequently to intimidate than to kill.  In her article in the Journal of the American Medical Women's Association, she shows that men use various intimidation strategies - in an argument they will threaten to shoot "a pet or other thing their partner cares about, take their gun out to clean it in front of their partner, or when the anger over takes them simply shooting it.