Pack of Lies

by Dave Pescod

Dave studied printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London but he has always written, starting with jokes for tv and radio. His first collection of short stories ‘All Embracing’ was published by Route in 2012, he lives in Cambridge.

Pack of Lies.jpg

I was studying graphics, planning my final exhibition and working in the print room when a stressed technician moaned about a student coming in late. 'He gave me a pack of lies, and then he expected me to drop everything.' I took his 'pack of lies' and ignored the rest of his rant. It was perfect for my uneasy relationship with advertising and marketing, after recent bad work experiences in Soho agencies. I designed the pack in a couple of days, satirising the ad world with copy on the pack of how kids could start with 'baby fibs', before graduating to 'genuine guaranteed lies.' I screen printed a hundred and stacked them up for my degree show, comfortable in the knowledge that I was going to do an MA in printmaking at the Royal College of Art and wouldn't be telling any whoppers to earn my crust. Mind you, I would discover the fine art world is riddled with fraud and lies, and fortunately my 'packs of lies' sold well in gift shops and galleries.  More ...

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